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Can You 3d Print Funko Pops?

Can You 3d Print Funko Pops? In the world of 3D printing, there are a number of items that can be created. This includes all types of figures and statues, but also more practical things like car parts or prosthetics. If you were wondering if it is possible to 3d print something as easily accessible as a pop figure from funko, the answer is yes!  

With a few clicks on your computer screen, you will see just how easy it is to whip up one of these little guys for yourself. However, before you jump into this project headfirst, there are some important considerations to make.

For example: what type of printer would work best? How much filament should I buy?


Can you 3d print Funko Pops?

We’re not talking about creating Funko pops but converting your favorite characters into 3d printable models.

Here are four ways to convert a 2D image or drawing into a 3D model for printing:

1) Using the Shadow Disc Method, you can create any character by simply tracing its shadow on the paper.

This method makes it super easy to create low polygonal models with flat surfaces and there’s no need for any special computer software. All you need is an overhead projector, paper, sticky tape, scissors, and some colored pens. Just follow these steps:

2) SketchUp

– An easy way to mass-produce similar objects is using this free CAD program that comes complete with all the tools necessary to rebuild simple objects. For example, if you wanted to design a 3D model of a funko pop, you could draw it on paper and load the image into SketchUp where you can adjust the image until it matches up with your drawing.

how to make custom funko pop figures

3) 3D Coat

– This free program lets you paint directly onto any surface and then turn that painted surface into a low polygonal mesh or sculpt even further for added detail. You can try out this software here:

4) Magics

– If you’re looking for an automated solution, Magics is exactly what you need as it converts your 2-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional models incredibly fast! Just input your desired dimensions and let the software do all the work for you.

You can then export your model for 3D printing, editing in a 3D sculpting app, or converting it to an STL file.

A lot of apps can create files from simple drawings but there’s no guarantee that the drawing will come out the same if you printed it. The same goes for photo textures which usually make a flat object look perfect on screen but could warp in real life because of their low polygonal count.

Because of this, we recommend sticking to apps like Magics which produce accurate models based on your inputs and detailed knowledge about the object being modeled. Magics is particularly useful if you’re unsure how to approach modeling something from scratch or if you need a quick result without having to go through tedious tutorials.

Can You 3d Print Funko Pops

Can You 3d Print Funko Pops? (cre: thingiverse)

Funko Pop 3D model

Funko Pop 3D model freaks always wanted to know what was inside their favorite figures. Now, thanks to the hard work of Pop-Break forum member “SlamR83,” you can print your own cross-sectional models!

The model above is of Walter White from AMC’s Breaking Bad (don’t worry if you’ve never watched the show is still amazing). You can download his file on Thingiverse , or by clicking here .

But that’s not all! Thanks to some smart thinking and tinkering by SlamR83, there are many more atypical pop culture figures that you can print.

3d print funko pop stand

Can You 3d Print Funko Pops?

3D print Funko Pop accessories

Funko Pop! are figures about 2″ tall that can be found in stores worldwide. Amassing quite a collection of these figures will require the upcoming shutdown of Toys R Us which sold Funko Pops at their retail locations, but also have an online store that is still up and running.

Anyway, there are many whole collections that go for thousands of dollars on eBay when they are complete with all chase, store exclusives, and special editions.

Creating a complete collection can be daunting without a large amount of money to purchase from third-party sellers on eBay or Amazon.

This is why I am going to show you how to make your own accessory for the most popular Funko Pop! characters using Ponoko’s Inkspace online laser cutting service.

To begin, sign up for an Inkspace account here. After signing up, click Get Started in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and find the Design a Custom Product button on the next page that pops up.

The rest of this tutorial will walk through designing a custom accessory that fits into a 2 x 3-inch cutout found on most Funko Pops! backdrops.

how do you make custom funko pops

After selecting your product size, you will be prompted to select how many of the same designs you want.

I decided to make two of these accessories for my collection and chose 2 quantities (2x). Now we get into the fun part! Since this accessory is meant for Pop! characters that feature a candy motif, I selected CANDY as my material and went on designing what would become my very own 3D printed candy wrapper.

You can design anything that fits within a landscape orientation and has no more than 8.75 inches in length or width dimensions. The default resolution used by Inkspace when creating your designs is 200 DPI which provides an excellent quality surface finish on all custom products made from Ponoko’s laser cutting services.

After designing my own unique accessory, I chose a Disney character as a sample to show how this project works out with different colors and accessories.

Now that you have created your very own design using Inkspace’s online laser cutting service, it is time to place an order.

Since this article was written before the product page had any inventory on hand, I clicked “Email me when available” as a way of letting Inkspace know that someone from Ponoko wants the product.

About 3 weeks from now, Inkspace will send me an e-mail saying my items are ready for pickup at one of their local participating locations closest to my home address.

how to make custom funko pops

Can You 3d Print Funko Pops? (cre: all3dp)

Kirby Funko Pop 3D model free download

Kirby is the main character of Nintendo’s video game series by the same name.

He was created by Masahiro Sakurai, who directed the games and designed the titular protagonist.

Kirby first appeared in 1992 in Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy where he has to defeat King Dedede who stole all his people’s food.

The game proved to be a success selling over 5 million copies worldwide which led to future installments on nearly every Nintendo console since. In almost every game, Kirby becomes a hero through his innate ability known as “Copy Ability” which allows him to gain unique powers depending on what he eats with abilities including fire breath, ice breath, plasma attacks, and many more.

Most of the time Kirby is depicted as a pink puffball with two short arms and red feet but he has the ability to change his shape and color by absorbing enemies.

He has also been shown taking on different appearances including a rock, paper, and even a legendary warrior using the power of his heart.


3D printing has taken over the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

With a printer in your home or business, you can create anything from jewelry to toys without ever having to leave your desk! One of the most popular items that people are now 3d-printing is Funko pops for their desk at work, school, or even just at home.

This trend has grown so much that there are many different online tutorials on how to make these cool figures using nothing but paperclips and rubber bands – one tutorial says they took only an hour! That same tutorial also links out to other sites with helpful tips like where you can buy printable templates if you want help getting started.

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