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Can You 3d Print Enamel Pins? 3D Printed Enamel Pin/ Pins Custom

Can You 3d Print Enamel Pins? Pins are a great way to express oneself, but they can be expensive and time-consuming. 3D printing is an innovative technology that allows you to make your own pins at home! It’s quick, easy, and more affordable than buying them in stores.

With this blog post, I’ll walk you through the steps of how to design your own enamel pin on Tinkercad.


Can you 3d print enamel pins? (3D printed lapel pins, custom pins)

Yes, it is possible to 3d print enamel pins with Shapeways 3D printing.

However, they are not as durable as traditional metal lapel pins that you normally see worn on jackets or hats.

To make your pin as durable as traditional lapel pins all you need to do is add a hard coating such as Plasti Dip or clear nail polish.

We offer these services in our Pick and Click! section and we use the same equipment.

enamel pins custom

Printing enamel pin designs with Shapeways 3D printing (prints custom pin)

These designs were sent to us by Shapeways designers who wanted to see how well their design would turn out if they submitted it as an enamel pin.

We all know that Polished Strong & Flexible Plastic is great for creating jewelry, but we didn’t know how quickly we could get through these pins and still maintain the color and pattern of the prints.

This was our first trial run to see how difficult it would be to get these designs enamel coated.

The Techniques (glue)

To make your design enamel you will need the following: Designs to make enamel pins, clear nail polish or Plasti Dip (found at Home Depot), paintbrush, and water for cleaning the pin base during the enamel coating process.

Take your Shapeways 3D Print and remove any supports that are still attached with needle-nose pliers. Wipe down any visible support marks with a wet paper towel. Make sure that all areas of excess material are removed so there are no raised surfaces on the final product.

Do not leave excess material on the print as this will prevent the hard coatings from adhering correctly

custom hard enamel pins

Enamel Coating Process

Mix the clear hard coating in a small container 1 . Your Plasti Dip should be 2 parts Plasti Dip to 1 part water (ex. 100 ml Plasti Dip and 50 ml of water) for best results. If you are using nail polish, mix the base coat with your desired clear topcoat to give it a shine similar to an enameled pin. You can use any color combination you like!

Use a paintbrush to apply the mixture over your entire 3D print 2. The more coats you apply, the harder your final product will be! Let each application dry before applying another coat. We have used 6 total layers before on our designs that were larger in size.

Once your final layer is dry, use a 1000 grit or higher sandpaper (found at Home Depot) and gently go over the surface to make sure there are no raised surfaces.

3d Print Enamel Pins

Can You 3d Print Enamel Pins? (cre: therpf)

Question: What is an Enamel pin machine?

It is a very useful machine which can produce up to 100 pcs enamel pin in an hour. We at I Love Enamel Pins will discuss this machine and also give some tips on how to choose the right one for you. So stay tuned!

What’s the way it works? How many designs can you do? How to download?

These machines have a motorized head, nozzle, and a heating element underneath which helps us to dispense adhesive on the metal base.

You just need to set your desired design pattern into its software, then by simply pressing the ‘start’ button – It’ll start dispensing the adhesive pattern onto your metal base.

The model comes with a built-in cutter/immer, so after programming – simply place your metal base over the cutting area and the machine will automatically cut the design pattern into your metal.

custom hard enamel pins no minimum

Can I order a few of them? Can you please tell me the price for that?

Yes absolutely, We at ILoveEnamelPins can supply various types of these machines.

The model comes with a single head/ nozzle which is capable of producing 100 pcs per hour (working between 10 hours to 24hours depending on your desired/daily production), so if you want an auto-cutter version with its own cutter – it’s available too!

Please do email us @ or send an inquiry through our contact page here

These machines are built strong enough to engrave around 7mm – 10 mm materials.

Are there any other accessories that I need to buy?

Yes, the first accessory is the transfer film which you have to use for transferring your design onto metal base/paper, enamel pin back, etc…

Then another important thing is ‘Sealing’ these enamel pins with a special sealant spray after cutting because enamel pins are porous therefore they’ll absorb dirt easily if not sealed. And last but not least, an adhesive refill cartridge is needed too which can be used up to 400 pieces of enamel pin production.

print enamel pins

Can You 3d Print Enamel Pins? (cre: instructables)

How much does it cost?

For your information, these machines were selling at RM3xxx-RM4xxx each in Malaysia in the past, but now we at I Love Enamel Pins have prepared a special offer for our new customers only. The machine comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase and also a free lesson on how to use it when you’re getting it from us. If you need more info please do send mail to us here or fill up inquiry form on our contact page

How about the payment method?

We accept PayPal & bank transfer as payment methods which is fast and convenient via online transaction. Additionally, if your client requires a custom logo design on their enamel pin badge – they’ll always come directly to us for production 🙂

Please note that all prices stated are NOT inclusive of the postage fee, therefore this will only be added if you require us to courier your order. Delivery time is around 5-7 working days after payment has been received via courier service.

The enamel pin machines are selling at RM3xxx each which comes with a free gift of 50 pieces of enamel pins, transfer film & sealing spray for FREE!! The auto-cutter version comes at RM33xx and it’s got its own cutter too! If your client requires a custom logo – We can have our artist design them one for RM25/emblem only 🙂

enamel pins

Can I visit the workshop? Is there any place where I can see this machine in actual production?

Yes, you are most welcome to visit our office or factory anytime during business hours because we want to show you how it works and demonstrate it to you with real product samples that we have made.

Our office is located at No 44-G, Jalan PJS 1/48, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia.


3D printing is an exciting process that can be used for so many different things.

One of the most popular uses is to create enamel pins with designs on them, which can then be sold to customers or given away as a promotion. It’s important to note that there are certain limitations when it comes to this type of product, such as how complex your design can be and what materials you’re planning on using in the production process – but don’t let these small obstacles stop you from giving it a try!

The world of 3D printing has opened up so many opportunities for inventors and entrepreneurs alike; we think one thing all creatives should do is give it a shot and see where their imagination takes them.

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