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Hello guys & Welcome to Printerpreneur!

I’m Abdul, the owner of, a 3D artist, and a 3D modeling lover.

Working with the latest and greatest 3D technology can be a bit of a gamble, but I get to indulge in my creativity every day.

I work in an ever-changing field that is constantly growing and adapting – which means there’s always something new for me to discover! It also means it will likely change again soon. But luckily, I find joy in what I do no matter how quickly things shift around here because we’re all working together as one team at this company.

Imagine waking up in the morning to a home that’s already warm and lit by natural light! With smart homes, you can control your environment before even getting out of bed. You could turn on some music or set coffee brewing for when you get downstairs without having to put any clothes on at all – now THAT is living life fully connected with technology.

Technology has changed our lives immensely over time, but every once in a while there’s innovation so groundbreaking we wonder how we ever lived without it until then- like smartphones, tablets & laptops back during the ’90s; Google Maps while driving around town looking for unfamiliar streets, or wireless Wi-Fi enabled outlets which let us make phone calls anywhere from inside our own houses.

Choosing the best 3D technology is hard for beginners, especially when there are so many options out there. It’s overwhelming because it requires a lot of knowledge and deep thinking to know which one will be more suitable in different situations like the industrial design or medical imaging. That’s why I want to share my buying guide tips with you! By following these guidelines, your choice becomes much easier on what would suit your needs better than others.

Here at Printerpreneur, we abide by the Editors’ Code of Practice, which promotes honesty. As such we take great care to ensure that all content published on our website or in any other print publication adheres to stringent journalistic standards and ethics guidelines; this includes honest reporting without bias about products reviewed.

Please feel free to shoot me up for some feedback!

Thanks for your time.