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What Is 3D Printer Ink & The Following Knowledge (Ink 3d printing/Ink printers/Print ink price)

As you may or have not heard of them, three-dimensional printers are one of the keys for the future as innovative technology. The capacity to make almost anything. Yet they still need something as an input, this article will be all about “what is 3D printer ink”.

However, like every printer model out there. Even the most advanced one, does require materials, which we will discuss today – the 3 dimensions material inks.

Common Pieces Of Knowledge For A Good Start – 3D Printers Ink

Is There a Printer That Doesn't Need Ink

1. 3D printer ink and normal printer inks, are they the same?

As you may be spotted the differences by the names, they are completely different, but how different are they? Shall we take a look at the homework?

What Are They Made Of?

They are materials received from multiple bacterias which deliver different functions. Offers many pieces of bacteria to enable the production of objects that have complex characteristics.

what is 3d printer ink made of

And The Normal Ones?

What Are Regular Inks Made Of? Usually based on oil ingredients such as soybean oil, linseed oil, or petroleum distillate oil (this one is extremely common). The colors may come from dyeing or other compounds.

2. The Printer’s Materials (printing graphene)

Three-dimensional printers use a long list of different materials including resins, plastics, metals, or even ceramics, and many more. However, not all of it was easy to obtain for common and civil usages. It’s up to your government laws and policy. So, here are some common materials that you can use.

ABS Plastics:

A common thermoplastic polymer. Typically used for manufacturing almost anything or a part in many industries. Earned popularity for low cost, impact or chemical resistance, and so on.

PLA Plastics:

This one is one of the most popular printing materials since the beginning, it can be easily sanded or painted. While the ABS plastics may cause odor while processing, this one will not.

Epoxy Resins:

This material is usually derived from petroleum or plant sources and can be used as resins. Which offers a durable and lightweight final result. But the downside is a bit serious than the others. We will put it on the table later.


Also known as polyamide, this is one of the most talented three-dimensional materials on the commercial market. The final product can be extremely flexible, abrasion-resistant, dyeable, and the ability to be strengthened.

Powder Materials:

If something can be powdered, there will be a way to print it (copper, gold, iron, steel or ceramics, and so on). You can print any objects in any form, as long as it does not against the law. Some companies earned their success via printing houses and shelters lately.

What Cannot Be 3d Printed

3. Is 3D Printing Illegal And What Can’t You Print?

Nowadays, with just-right amounts of money, you can have your 3D printer and have a good time with them. Still, there are some specific things that you are not allowed to print or make by yourself. You will be liable for what you print.

According to the US demands, there are such things you can not print without permission. Why so serious? Here is a list of what cannot be 3D printed (may be changed).

Assault Weapons:

For nearly a hundred years, weaponry manufacturing has been a backyard of the arms industry, big fish like Glock, Remington, or Sig Sauer, and so on. Furthermore, making an assault weapon from scratch at your home requires millions of dollars worth of mechanical equipment. Years of engineering as designing mastery will be involved.

assault rifle blueprint

A piece of an assault weapon blueprint

However, in recent years, things have changed. With just a printer, a proper ink material, and a blueprint, which can be downloaded online.

You can easily make one of your own without any hassle. It can be plastic, metal, gold, copper, or even ceramics.

Because of being made outside authorized supply chains and requires no background check.

Which means they are invisible to law enforcement agencies. Especially ceramic weapons, they are a real threat accordingly. Therefore they are extremely dangerous and banning them is a must.


3d printed drugs

There is a fact that you don’t need the best 3D printer ink to produce illegal drugs and sell them, crime organizations know that too.

This drug printing would be surprisingly valued for crimes and could be easily exploited.

Consequently, can put the whole economy and the people at the edge of ruins.

Noticing the dark side of illegal drug printing. Many law agencies and governments in the world have decided to forbid them for goods.

Fake Products:

One more thing that threatens the economy and civilization’s wealth, the fake or scam items industry.

Long before the inks and the printers were made, fake items manufacturers have been a threat to almost every honest company.

nike air printed shoes

A printed Nike air sneaker

Nowadays, with three-dimensional printers, counterfeit manufacturers, or may I say “criminals”. Able to easily make dozens of copies.

Harming even the consumers and the true producer. Many true businesses have gone bankrupt for this.

Bionic Printing:

Bioprinting includes making body parts such as arms, legs, or even orgasm, and so on.

This type usually requires an expensive 3D printer bio-ink. This type is like an open door for our future Which allows disabilities or veterans to have a simpler life.

But aren’t those companies making that mainstream? You may wonder. Yes, you can print these.

However, you can only be allowed to print in an authorized research lab.

More than that, you will need years of studying as designing to work in it. Or maybe simpler, you can throw dozens of bags of cash and you will be the owner. You decide what you want.

3d printed bionic hand

Virus Printing:

Just like bioprinting, this process requires some of the best three-dimension bio-ink and years of studying.

Therefore, this form of printing can improve the accuracy of DNA reproduction. Which is helpful for the community. Yet you still need an authorized developed lab to make it.

Other Obvious Things:

Last but not least, you can’t just print access cards or keys with no permission from the authorized agencies.

Like being mentioned above, crime organizations will notice and exploit this so easily. Consequently, forbidding them in printing as objects is a must.

4. 3D Printer Ink Price

3d Printer Ink Price

Just like almost every commercial product out there on the market.

The overall quality plays a big role in affecting the price.

However, the most expensive one does not mean it will offer a better final result.

Choosing the right material will cost less yet more fun.

The list above is listed based on their properties and prices from the most affordable and opposite materials.

How Expensive Is Ink?

What Is Printer Ink Made Of

Being said, the materials that you choose to work with are not equal. Hence, the cost will not be the same.

Either If your project requires just regular printing materials. PLA or ABS for example. Then, the cost would be more likely affordable.

In case you want to leap of faith with special inks. Then they can be a bit costly.

Usually, three or four times higher price tags are commonly acceptable.

Keep in mind that the price pretty much depends on the government’s policy or laws (both of selling nor buying).

Signs That You Need A Better Ink

In case that you already have the ink you need.

Yet it just does not give a satisfying final result or just bad in some cases. There are some things that you should pay attention to.

1. The Final Product:

abs vs pla plastic

Using cheap materials may play a big role in giving the final product a neat-looking structure.

Consequently, if you have a rough-looking and unstable structure final result, consider renewing it with a better one.

2. The Processing:

Some cheap materials may produce a bad odor while processing, especially on ABS or PLA plastic materials.

It’s completely fine if the uninhabitable smell is not a big deal to you. Though you will need to find a better material with less odor and good compounds to spend time with.

Tips For Getting The Best One

How Expensive Is Printer Ink

Since we have learned a bit about what is 3d printer ink and the following knowledge It’s time to find out how to find the most reliable material for each of your projects.

Notice that they are based on every single need and requirement.

1. The Brand:

Each brand has its reputation based on many perspectives such as material quality, after-sell service, or delivery services.

Untrusted delivery service may damage your ink as soon as they touch it.

A well-known brand will make sure that the trust you gave is worthy, in every aspect.

However, the branding does affect the price tags, more or less.

A material brand with less popularity may offer its products with a lower price tag.

Which makes your final result more likely to cost less. Yet the downside is you may not have the best final result as you could have.

3d printer ink material

2. The Materials:

As mentioned above, there is plenty of material for you to choose from. Getting the right one to work with is like releasing a weight on your back.

You will probably don’t want to print a hand with ceramics. Though, if you like it to be that way, then it’s all good. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you.

3. Delivery Service:

After choosing a brand to trust and the right materials, there is one more thing you should take a moment to consider.

The delivery service, which many of us seem to forget most of the time.

Shipping 3D ink material is not an easy nor difficult task.

Yet because of the well-known recklessness of some famous delivery services.

Which might get the goods damaged while delivering and ruin the whole project.

So, choosing a reliable delivery service will more likely release you from that burden.

What Is 3D Printer Ink – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does 3d Printer Ink Cost

1. How Expensive Is 3 Dimensions Ink?

As being said, the price tags will be affected more or less by many things.

The manufacturer, delivery service, what kind of ink you want.

The recent laws of three dimensions printing are involved.

However, the expensive price tag does not mean it will be the most suitable.

If you can afford it without emptying your pocket and your project needs it, then it’s the fittest for you.

2. Is There A Printer That Doesn’t Need Ink? For now?

No, every mechanical device needs at least one thing to work.

A printer that asks no ink or material to operate is just difficult to imagine.

Though, possibly in the future, someone will make one.

3. Can You 3D Print Edible Food?

food 3d printer

It may sound like a sci-fi movie but it’s a solid thing presently.

You can print edible food for real now.

The taste you are worried about will be the same, even at a healthier level! Especially desserts like chocolate cakes or creams.

3D printed pizza and candy:

This is our whole new future and helps in decreasing animal butchering and might be a solution for world hunger.

Even vegans may feel good about this, at least that’s what I think!

4. How Dangerous Is Resin 3D Printing?

You may not notice when the first time resins made contact with your skin.

Though, after a long time, your skin will be decreased on resin-resistant exposure.

Which leads to several health hazards such as skin burns and blisters.

how to use resins

A typical blister, consequences of working with resins with no protection

You can prevent this if you follow a strict rule list of safety while working with resins.

Such as wear gloves while working with it, have a mask on, and wash your hand instantly if contact with resins had happened.

Your health will be all fine then. Remember that anything can cause you ill these days, safer is better.

A Few Last Words

Hopefully, after scrolling through all of this, you will have the answer for yourself. Having fun and creative time with your beloved printer. So, what is 3d printer ink? You probably already have the answer to this question in your mind.

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