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Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer Review in 2023

The demand for better and affordable sublimation printers has risen due to more uptake of business and decorative projects that require this service.

If you’re new to sublimation printing, it’s permanently transferring ink and dye from a printer to another item through heat transfer.

Sublimation is more popular than other heat transfer printing processes because of its design quality. They are less prone to fade, and the design is imprinted on the product, for example, fabric, instead of sticking on the surface.

If you’re working on home décor projects with mugs, vases, and ceramics, or running a home t-shirt printing business, getting a good sublimation printer will make all the difference.

One of the best printers in the market is the Epson 2720 sublimation printer. This printer has much to like, but the outstanding factors are the price point and print quality.

Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Remember, the printer is the essential feature of any printing project as it determines everything else. If you’re in the market for a sublimation printer, read this post to the end to understand why the Epson 2720 printer should be on your list.

Overview of the Epson 2720

The Epson 2720 is a seamless, high-quality printer offering all the features and specifications you need for your sublimation printing. The first thing that strikes you about this printer is its sleek and sturdy design. It’s small enough to fit on a tabletop, making it ideal for home or small business use. If you have space limitations but still need an excellent sublimation printer, the Epson 2720 will not disappoint.

Epson 2720 has several advanced features and functions, making it suitable for all your sublimation printing needs. For example, it has high printing resolution, so you don’t have to worry about losing the quality of the source image. Additionally, it offers borderless printing up to “4 X6”. It has several connectivity options, including standard USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. It’s easy to use, and set up.

One thing that stands out about the Epson 2720 is that it doesn’t use ink cartridges. Instead, it uses a refillable ink tank. If you’re conscious of climate change and the effects of discarding ink cartridges regularly, this printer solves that particular problem. Having a refillable ink tank also effectively reduces the cost of running the printer, which translates to being a more affordable option in the long run.

It’s important to note that this printer was created as an inkjet printer for home and office use. But the good news is that converting it to the sublimation printer is quick. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to master the process, as the ink tanks are well-labeled. Adding the correct ink to the corresponding tank is crucial to avoid malfunctions and spillages.

The Epson 2720 sublimation printer is also low maintenance. You only need to change the ink once a year if you have back-to-back projects, and ensure you clean the print head regularly to prevent clogging. Overall, the Epson 2720 is a high-quality sublimation printer that offers value for money.

Epson 2720 Setup

The Epson 2720 comes in standard packaging. A carton box with cushioning covered with clear polythene for precaution. The package includes a manual to review the printer’s basic details before beginning setup.

The actual setup is straightforward and will take less than 20 minutes. Remember, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to set up and operate this printer. To set up, start by placing the printer on a flat surface close to a power source. Connect to the power source and then to your computer. Next, turn on the printer by pushing the power button. A language list will pop up. Select the language you prefer and click Ok. The printer may ask that you put ink. Ignore this step if you’ve already added ink to the sublimation tank. The initial setup process will take approximately 10 minutes.

After the setup and ensuring the printer is working correctly, the next step is to run some print tests. This step is vital in ensuring your printer is working well. It will also allow you to adjust features early so the printer meets your needs. If the print tests are fine, download the Epson 2720 sublimation printer software to your computer. This software will provide additional connectivity options, such as using your smartphone to operate the printer remotely.

Finally, refer to the manual for any setup process you need clarification on. 

Epson 2720 Sublimation Printer Features

Let’s go over some of these printer’s features.


As noted earlier, the Epson 272 is a compact printer ideal for small spaces and minimalist setups. It’s built with reinforced plastic, meaning it will serve you for many years without external damage if taken care of. The printer’s front side consists of a non-touch display panel with arrow keys for navigation.

The keys are easy to follow. They include OK, Back, Home, Help, Copy and Cancel. Below the display panel is the paper tray. The tray doesn’t have rear access and is relatively small. This makes fixing a paper jam difficult for people with larger arms. However, the size is still standard, and loading the tray is seamless, so you’re unlikely to encounter paper jams regularly.

At the top of the printer is the scanner. The scanner is suitable for regular-size scanning. Unfortunately, the lid can’t extend beyond a certain point, so you can’t scan bulky documents.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity is one of the essential considerations in any printer, including a sublimation printer. Having more options offers the flexibility and accessibility you require. Luckily, the Epson 2720 has several of these. It has a standard USB connection that works well if your printer is for office use.

Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi direct is a peer-to-peer network protocol allowing your smartphone to connect to the printer without connecting to a router or a local network. Wi-Fi direct is ideal for users who want to operate or work on printing projects away from the printer.

For mobile connectivity, Epson 2720 supports Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Fire OS Support, and Epson iPrint. It’s also compatible with Android and iOS devices. Refer to the user manual to learn how to use various connectivity options. You can also visit Epson’s website and enter the specific brand number to learn more about the printer.

Print Quality

The print quality is one of the best things about the Epson 2720. It uses MicroPiezo 4-color technology to produce a 5760 x 1440 density. The optimized DPI ensures the prints are clear, vibrant, and as close to the source image color.

The ink distribution pattern is superb, and the text is legible and accurate. You can trust that this sublimation printer will produce great results for your home design or t-shirt printing projects.

The navigation buttons on the display panel will help you accomplish any printing job without any hitch. As explained earlier, they are well-labeled and easy to follow. 

The printer supports standard documents of up to 8.5” X 14” and up to 4” X 6” for borderless printing.

Print Speed

While the print quality is exceptional, the speed is slower than usual. Epson rates 2720 as having average speeds of 5 ppm for color copies and 10.5 ppm for monochrome prints. Unfortunately, color prints take more than a minute to print, which can be time-consuming if you have several copies to make. The monotone document print speed is quicker but not as per the description.

Regarding paper handling, the Epson 2720 paper tray holds up to 100 sheets. The tray pulls out from the back of the machine. In addition to 100 plain paper sheets, the tray holds 20 sheets of photo printing paper and 10 envelopes. While these numbers are standard, several competing printers have better averages. The Epson 2720 makes up for the below-average paper handling capacity with its maximum duty cycle, which averages 3,000 prints.

Scanning Quality

The Epson 2720’s scanner is a typical flatbed scanner with average abilities. It scans documents page-by-page. If you want to double-scan, you have to flip documents manually, which can be time-consuming if you have several papers to scan.

The good news is you can save scanned documents as PDFs using the Scan 2 Software for Epson. This software allows you to conveniently access documents using passages and words instead of searching manually. 


The Epson 2720 sublimation printer is a low-maintenance printer suitable for users who prioritize efficiency and affordability. One bottle of refillable ink is comparable to 80 cartridges. This is one of the cost-efficiency measures this printer accounts for. Like other sublimation printers, the Epson 2720 requires regular printhead alignment and cleaning to prevent clogging.

If the printer has been idle for a while, you might notice that the print quality isn’t at its best. In this case, it requires power cleaning because the resting ink can sometimes clog the printhead. Unfortunately, you’ll have to clean manually because it lacks an auto-cleaning system.

The printer’s four ink tanks are easy to refill and yield several monochrome and color pages before needing a refill. The printer periodically sends a reminder to check the ink level. This is an excellent feature for users who use the printer regularly but don’t remember to check ink levels.

The package comes with refillable ink, which saves costs for the first refilling round. Unfortunately, it’s best to stick to Epson-recommended inks for the Epson 2720 sublimation printer, even though some third-party inks might work. This is because they are likely unsuited to the printer’s printhead and may cause damage and clogging. Using third-party ink also voids your warranty.

Display Panel

The display panel is non-touch and uses navigation buttons instead. While the printer is compact, the controls are well-labeled and easy to use. The display panel tilts up to let users comfortably see and use the buttons. The downside of the display panel is that you might have to push some buttons several times before the printer receives the command.

Pros and Cons of the Epson 2720

Some of the best features and functions of the Epson 2720 include:

High-quality and vibrant designs

The color quality and ink accuracy of the Epson 2720 are unmatched. It produces detailed graphics with clear text and vibrant colors. A resolution of 5760 X 1440 is one of the best standards for a sublimation printer of its class.

Affordable and low maintenance

This printer’s first cost-effective measure is having a refillable ink tank instead of the typical cartridges. This saves you approximately 90% of the ink purchasing cost a cartridge printer demands. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to contribute towards climate change. The Epson 2720 is also amongst the most affordable sublimation printers, which makes it suitable for small-scale home use and beginners.

Connectivity Options

This printer has a standard USB 2.0, a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct connectivity options. It’s also compatible with multiple platforms, including Android and iOS devices.


Epson 2720 has 30,000 pages or a one-year warranty.

Easy to use and set up

Setting up this printer is straightforward. It has a user manual and display panel with clearly labeled navigation buttons.

Small and compact design

The small but sturdy build makes this printer ideal for small spaces. It’s also easier to pack for traveling if you wish to print designs away from your home or office setup and can also fit in a regular-sized drawer.

Some of this printer’s shortcomings include the following:

Poor printing speeds

Printing speeds are slower than the 10.5 ppm and 5 ppm rates given by the manufacturer. The color print copy speeds could be faster, as the print can take an average of a minute to complete.

Low paper tray capacity

The Epson 2720 handles 100 sheets of plain paper, 20 copies of photo printing paper, or 10 envelopes at a time which is lower than average for its standard.

There is no memory card support

It doesn’t have a memory card slot you can use to print stored designs.


The Epson 2720 is an excellent, affordable sublimation printer for small-scale and first-time users. It has several features you will appreciate, including several connectivity options, high-quality prints, and a sturdy build. Its small and compact design makes it suitable for small spaces and traveling. It’s also low maintenance as it uses a refillable ink tank instead of ink cartridges.

The setup process is quick, and navigation is seamless as there’s a display system and user manual to guide you. Unfortunately, the printing speeds and paper handling capacity are below average. But it will serve any user well.


What is the Average Timeline for Refilling the Ink Tanks?

The refilling timeline depends on how regularly you use the printer and the volume of print jobs. However, you may need to refill the ink tanks every 6-12 months.

How Often Should I Clean the Printhead to Prevent Clogging?

I recommend you clean the printhead regularly, but this depends on your usage. When you don’t use the printer for a long time, the ink may dry, necessitating cleaning.

Can I Use Third-Party Inks With the Epson 2720?

Sticking to the Epson 2720 range of inks is best, as they are designed specifically for this printer. Using other inks will also void your warranty.