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Can You sell Canva Designs on Etsy? – With Step-By-Step Guide in 2023

The short answer is YES. You can sell your Canva designs on marketplaces like Etsy. All you need to do is ensure your designs are unique and don’t use any Pro (premium) content from the Canva library or any third-party supplier. In other words, design your product from scratch to ensure that there is no copyright infringement or violation of trademark or publicity rights.

Can You sell Canva Designs on Etsy?

That said, if you are looking for an excellent source of passive income, then the idea of selling Canva templates on platforms like Etsy is fantastic.

It is a develop once and sell forever opportunity!

As an independent creative professional, you may constantly seek new and innovative ways to add to your income streams. Creating and selling Canva templates can provide a lucrative opportunity to generate thousands of dollars every month.

Canva is a powerful tool for creative people. It includes a comprehensive library of free and premium images, elements, fonts, and graphics. In contrast to the programs like Adobe Photoshop, Canva is beginner-friendly and can be used by almost anyone with little to no knowledge of editing software.

This article will discuss how you can sell Canva designs on a marketplace like Etsy. We will look closer at the terms and conditions of Canva and Etsy that allow you to sell Canva designs on Etsy.

It is crucial to have complete knowledge of these terms of use. Otherwise, you will end up violating copyrights and licensing laws, leading to the termination of your accounts.

Etsy is an enormous platform, with a record of whopping 95 million active buyers in 2022. So without any doubt, this will be a massive opportunity for you to showcase your skills and start earning money.

How much can you make selling Canva designs on Etsy?

If you jump over to the website and type in the keyword “Canva template”, you will find over millions of search results.

Also, if you observe carefully, you will come to know that the top results have attracted hundreds of genuine customer reviews.

In other words, it is an excellent indication of the massive demand for design templates using Canva.

A successful Etsy seller is predicted to make an average of $1K to $2K selling Canva designs on Etsy. But note that you can scale these numbers to $30K-$40K with consistent efforts, comprehensive market research, and the right marketing strategy.

A huge number of successful Etsy shops are making over thousands of dollars selling digital products.

Ownership Rights and Terms of Use

The following section is the most critical part of this article.

Complete knowledge of Canva and Etsy’s terms of use is essential if you are planning to sell Canva designs on Etsy. Both follow the basic concept of crafting unique designs from the ground up.

Canva Ownership Rights and Terms of Use

Canva doesn’t allow its users to resell free and premium templates, images, and elements as is. Also, editing or modifying existing Canva templates and selling them is against the Canva terms of service.

As per the Content Licenses page on Canva’s official website, its users can market their designs on merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, books, etc. or as digital products such as ebooks, magazines, newsletters, etc.

What is a unique Canva design?

You can use your designs for commercial and non-commercial purposes but must adhere to certain conditions.

There needs to be more clarity regarding using Canva designs for commercial purposes. However, to explain it, if you design your product from scratch by starting with a blank template, you’re also its copyright holder.

Anyone can use stock media or free and pro content in their designs, so you alone cannot claim exclusive rights.

To make your design unique, you must avoid using stock media from the Canva library and other third-party suppliers.

License Agreement

The use of resources, including images, elements, fonts, etc., provided by Canva is explained in their Content License Agreement.

Compliance with these terms and conditions is crucial for using Canva designs for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Canva’s Content License Agreement is divided into several categories. But for the sake of this article, we will discuss a few of the most critical license agreements that will help you while selling Canva designs on marketplaces like Etsy.

#1 – Free Content License

A free content may include images, graphics, templates, and more design resources. Canva grants users a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license to use the Free Content for personal, commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Also, Canva has the right to grant licenses to its rest of the users to use the same Free content. Nobody can use the Free content for defamatory, obscene, or illegal purposes.

Users can check the source of the content by clicking on the info (i) icon. Users must refer to individual license agreements through their websites if the Free content comes from third-party suppliers like Pixabay and Pexels.

Users must understand that the free images or contents (fonts, elements, etc.) with the Canva account are not copyright free.

#2 – Pro Content License

Pro content may include images, graphics, templates, and more design resources that are only available to users with a Canva Pro subscription.

It is a perpetual, non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide license that allows users to use Pro content for personal, commercial and non-commercial purposes. The Pro content license is non-exclusive, meaning it can be granted to other Canva users with the same rights.

Users are not allowed to copy, download, or distribute the pro content as is.

#3 – Getting a License

Users need to obtain a license for each piece of Free and Pro content used in the respective design.

The license for Free content is available at no cost to users. However, to obtain a license for Pro content, users must subscribe to one of the paid plans.

A new license is issued to users every time they export their design.

Users can share their designs with clients, but they must also adhere to Canva’s terms of use to edit and use the design.

#4 – Permitted and Prohibited uses of all Content on Canva

Users can use Canva content for various purposes, including social media posts or profile images, advertising, promotional projects, school or university projects, blogs, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, editorials, and much more.

On the other hand, users cannot use Canva content for trademarks, design-mark, trade-name, business names, or service marks, except for fonts. Also, the use of Canva content for pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory, or libelous purposes is strictly not allowed.

#5 – Violation

Canva reserves the right to take strict actions if you violate their license agreement or terms of service. They keep track of your downloads and exports to ensure you adhere to their terms of use.

It has the right to suspend or terminate your account without notice in case of violation of its license agreement or terms of service.

Etsy Terms of Use

To build a successful shop on Etsy and start making money, you need to follow specific rules and regulations outlined by the platform.

Etsy is a marketplace for creative professionals allowing them to sell handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies directly to buyers worldwide.

Handmade Policy

Users should list an original design, pattern, sketch or template which is crafted from scratch. Simple customization, including changing colors and shapes of readymade templates, will not be considered as the Design on Etsy.

The marketplace promotes uniquely designed products that do not exist anywhere else. Reselling is strictly prohibited on Etsy.

Etsy has the right to terminate the selling privileges of members if they find someone is violating their terms of use repeatedly, even after repeated and multiple notices.

As per Etsy Handmade Policy, the marketplace is built on trust and providing false, inaccurate or misleading information will lead to strict actions and may result in the termination of your account.

Also, users are not allowed to sell any material which promotes violence or hatred.

How to sell Canva designs on Etsy?

If you already use Canva to design creatives and printables, the good news is that selling Canva templates on Etsy is straightforward.

Follow the steps mentioned below!

#1 – Market Research and Product Validation

Before creating a Canva template to sell on Etsy, it’s essential to determine if there is enough demand for your product. The key to success is conducting thorough market research to find an unexplored niche.

Many people will skip this step as it sounds like a long and scary process. But in fact, it depends!

Choosing a niche that aligns with your interests and has public demand is crucial for the long-term success of your business. Failure to do so may put your business at risk.

1. Analyze top sellers

You can start with the top sellers on Etsy and figure out the types of products they are selling.

2. Preparing a list of Canva Designs

Another way is to prepare a list of Canva designs you wish to sell on Etsy. Then take that list, go to and figure out if you can find any excellent shop already selling amazing designs under the respective category. Most of the time, there will be someone doing a good job! But you can dive deep and determine if they need to include anything their ideal customers seek.

3. Use Etsy Search

You can use the Etsy search bar to generate Canva design ideas. Let me explain how!

Go to the Etsy website and try to type in something. It will instantly pop out autocomplete suggestions (relevant search terms) that are searched by the customers to find the products in that category. You can note down individual keywords and dig deep into them to find out what results appear on top and whether they satisfy customer intent.

#2 – Create a Unique Canva Design

Almost anyone can use Canva to create beautiful and professional-looking designs.

Once you are ready with the product idea, it is time to design it using Canva. You can start with the free Canva account in the beginning. Still, I recommend you subscribe to a Canva Pro account to avoid watermark issues and enjoy powerful features such as magic resize, brand kit, and more.

You can sign up for a Canva Pro account by clicking here.

Open up Canva and start with a blank page. A unique design is critical to successfully selling Canva designs on Etsy.

When designing your first Canva template, you should list things you wish to include. Also, remember to refer to the Canva library of premade templates for inspiration and ideas. It is a pro tip to help you quickly create a successful design.

Remember that you cannot edit and modify Canva templates and sell them on Etsy. It is against Canva and Etsy’s terms of use, as discussed above.

After you finish the design, export your masterpiece in high-quality file formats like PNG or PDF.

#3 – Set up Your Etsy Shop

Creating a shop on Etsy is straightforward. All you need to do is go to Etsy’s Seller Page, sign up using an email address, and then provide your personal and bank details.

Further, Etsy will ask you to add your first product. You can use the exported images in the previous step.

You can select from a range of payment methods when setting up your Etsy shop. Furthermore, you have the ability to offer free shipping and create shipping profiles for each of the items you sell.

Create a strong brand by choosing an attractive and professional shop name, uploading a professional logo and shop banner, and concisely describing your business.

A separate About section gives you an opportunity to provide a comprehensive description of your business. You can include genuine details, such as your background, origin story, core values, and the journey behind your product development. It allows potential customers to understand your brand better and what sets you apart.

#4 – List your products

Beginners can take advantage of Etsy’s offer to list up to 40 products for free, which is a generous limit. To add additional products, you need to pay $0.2 per item.

Etsy’s product listing interface is intuitive and easy to use.

You can follow the steps below to list a product on Etsy.

Step 1: Upload high-quality images of your digital product

Step 2: Add listing details such as title and category

Step 3: Describe your listing by adding description, type, tags, and more

Step 4: Add the price

Step 5: Set up shipping

Step 6: Save and publish

Having a minimum of 20 listed products from the start is recommended to generate the desired income from your Etsy shop. Make sure to use high-quality images to make your listings visually attractive and to showcase your products.

Creating a PDF file with a Canva template link

As previously stated, it’s important to note that Canva templates cannot be directly listed on Etsy. These templates are editable only within the Canva app. Therefore, it’s necessary to provide the customer with a template link so they can access and modify the design according to their specific requirements.

To get the shareable template link go to your Canva account, open the design, and then click on the Share button in the upper right corner. Select the Template Link from the popup window and copy the link.

Also, you cannot attach the template link directly to the listing. Instead, make use of a professional PDF file to share the template link along with the details, such as the shop name and instructions on using the template link and editing the design.

Your PDF and template link is safe because Etsy doesn’t allow access to this PDF file until the customers complete their purchase. It’s worth noting that each listing can accommodate up to six PDF files.

#5 – Optimize your listing for Etsy SEO

Utilizing effective Etsy SEO techniques can significantly increase your sales.

It’s crucial to incorporate thoroughly researched keywords in your product listing to maximize visibility and reach as many potential customers as possible.

Such specific keywords can be included in the title, description, and image alt texts. This approach will ensure that your listing appears at the top when someone searches for the product using that specific keyword.

You can add any keywords to your listing but try to make sure they are relevant and meaningful. Product tags are one of the best ways to include many keywords in your listing.

After listing and optimizing your Canva designs for sale, they may seem perfectly prepared for customers.

However, what if you struggle to attract any customers at all?

In the following step, I’ll share some strategies to boost your sales, garner customer reviews, and establish trust with your audience.

#6 – Etsy Ads and Social Media Marketing

Leverage Etsy Ads to increase traffic to your listings and generate sales in the initial stages.

You can start with Etsy ads and scale your marketing efforts to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Numerous Etsy sellers have reported positive outcomes from implementing these marketing techniques. Therefore, it’s worth considering them if you’re struggling to attract customers through Etsy SEO.

Keep in mind that consistency is crucial when investing in marketing. You should allocate a small amount of time daily to promote your Canva designs on Etsy and social media platforms.


Q. Can I use Canva for designing Business Logos?

Yes, you can use Canva to design beautiful and professional logos. But the logos that includes photos, graphics, elements, etc., from the Canva library are owned by Canva, and users won’t be able to trademark them.

Canva allows users to design business logos using its massive collection of fonts and shapes, and lines. Also, you can use the premade logos for design inspirations.

One thing to note here is that Canva doesn’t allow users to export logos in vector format. An SVG file format is the most optimal choice for business logos as it boasts a high resolution, small file size, and avoids pixelation.

Q. Is Canva the best choice for designing a template to sell on Etsy?

Canva comes with unlimited design capabilities. It boasts a beginner-friendly user interface and plenty of easy-to-use but powerful editing tools.

As Canva is a web-based application, users can access it from their laptop, desktop, and smartphone. It packs a massive library of graphics, elements, fonts, shapes, and more.

In contrast to Adobe Photoshop and other professional-grade video editors, Canva is an easy-to-use software that can be mastered within a couple of days.

The program packs thousands of readymade templates that can be used for design inspiration if you plan to develop something from scratch.

Q. Is Etsy the right place to sell Canva designs?

Etsy is a perfect marketplace for independent Makers and Designers. The platform focuses on handmade or vintage goods and craft supplies. 

You can also sell digital products on Etsy by following a few simple steps mentioned above in this article.

There are a few benefits of using Etsy to sell Canva designs,

  • 95+ millions of active buyers
  • Setting up an Etsy shop is simple and easy
  • Etsy Ads for product promotion
  • Low transaction fees
  • Beginner-friendly seller interface
  • You can list up to 40 items for free
  • The listing fee is $0.2 per product
  • Support from a huge community

Apart from Etsy, there are various other marketplaces where you can sell Canva designs, including Fiverr, Creative Market, and more. One of the best options is to become a contributor to Canva itself. Canva pays the contributors every time their design is used.

Q. Do I need a Canva Pro account to sell templates on Etsy?

A free account is enough to design and sell basic templates.

However, I suggest you to have a Canva Pro account and leverage features such as cloud storage, enhanced library management, brand kit tool, magic resize, and more. 

The Pro account gives you access to premium content. Clients with a free Canva account won’t be able to edit the designs that include premium resources. In short, if you plan to use the Canva Pro account to design templates, your client should also have the Canva Pro account.

Canva free account has limited fonts, elements, graphics, and shapes. You might feel restricted while designing complex templates for your clients.

Q. What type of Canva templates sell best on Etsy?

Etsy has seen a surge in the popularity of digital products as a top-selling category. Starting with basic designs like thank you or birthday cards, you can gradually expand your product line to include professional business cards and logos.

Following is a list of some of Etsy’s most popular digital product categories.

  • Wedding invitations
  • Social media posts
  • Thank you cards
  • Product labels
  • Business logos
  • Birthday cards
  • Printable planners
  • Event Invitations
  • Resume templates
  • Printable wall art
  • Fonts
  • Clip arts
  • YouTube video intros
  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Ebooks

Note that the product categories mentioned above are among the top sellers on Etsy. It’s crucial to remember that there are many more options available. To be successful on the platform, it’s essential to determine your area of interest and create original and attractive designs that cater to that particular niche.

To Sum Up: Selling Canva Designs on Etsy

Selling Canva designs on marketplaces like Etsy can undoubtedly generate significant income. However, it’s crucial to comply with the terms of use for both platforms.

Success ultimately depends on creating unique designs and reaching a wider customer base through Etsy SEO and other marketing strategies. Crafting unique designs and ensuring that neither you nor your clients face copyright infringement issues in the future should be a top priority.

Although setting up an Etsy shop is relatively easy, selling Canva designs on this platform requires the same level of commitment as any other business.

Thus, it’s vital to identify high-demand products and devote sufficient time to list and promote them across all available channels.